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    Experimental Head-and-Neck-Oncology





    PD Dr. Jochen Heß


    Group Members:

    Dr. Sarika Sharma, Research coordinator & postdoc

    Dr. Pilar Bayo Zaera, Postdoc
    Dr. Efterpi Kostareli, Postdoc
    Dr. Regina Mark, Postdoc
    Babitha George, PhD student
    Sonja Funk, MD student
    Jennifer Langer, MD student
    Sophie Mainitz, MD student
    Dominik Horn, Scientific assistant
    Markus Kolb, MD student

    Christina Zühlke, MD Student
    Carola Henrike Schrader, MD student
    Christina Zühlke, MD student
    Katharina Seidensaal, MD student
    Verena Apholz, MD student

    Matthias Schrittenlocher, MD student

    Natalie Orthmann, MD student

    Christiane Gotzian, MD student
    Antje Schuhmann, MTA
    Nataly Henfling, BTA
    Ines Kaden, MTA


    Former Members:

    Dr. Franz X. Bosch

    Dr. Lyan Peng, Dr. Gustavo Acuna, Dr. Azeemudeen Hussain, Dr. Dana Holzinger, Dr. Gordana Halec, Leonie Faller, Jennifer Koffler, Sonja Funk

    Scientific Focus

    Head and neck cancer is one of the most frequent and dismal human malignancies with so far limited therapeutic options. The majority represents squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) arising from the epithelium lining the sinonasal tract, oral cavity, pharynx and larynx. HNSCC has long been a treatment challenge due to the high rate of recurrence and local metastasis. Hence, the identification for novel prognostic biomarkers to objectively predict patients with high risk for tumor relapse and the development of more effective and less toxic treatment modalities are eagerly awaited. Similar to other solid tumors HNSCC development is a complex multistep process characterized by the accumulation of genetic and epigenetic alteration. Our research program focuses on experimental studies using human tumor samples and cell lines derived thereof as well as genetically modified mouse tumor models. We combine functional genomic and computational approaches to elucidate the topological characteristics of signaling and gene regulatory networks and to identify key nodes as novel drug targets for translational cancer research.






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