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Zentrale Tel.: 06221-560
Translational Lung Research Center Heidelberg

Daniela Gompelmann, M.D.

Thoraxklinik at Heidelberg University Hospital

Amalienstrasse 5

69126 Heidelberg

Phone:+49 6221 396-8087
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Research Interests:

  • Interventional Pulmonology
  • Endoscopic Lung Volume Reduction
  • Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS)



Curriculum Vitae

1995-2001Resident Physician in the Pulmonology Department, Thoraxklinik at Heidelberg University Hospital
2001-2007Medical School, Saarland University
since 2014Principal Investigator, Translational Lung Research Center Heidelberg (TLRC), Member of the German Center for Lung Research (DZL)



Speciality certification

09/2008Doctorate, Saarland University, Homburg/Saar, Germany
06/2014Certificate of specialist training in Internal Medicine and Pulmonology



Honours & Awards

09/2011Interventional Pulmonology Travel Award of the European Respiratory Society

Memberships/Committee Assignments

European Respiratory Society


  1. Further development and evaluation of different procedures in endoscopic treatment as well as establishing a treatment algorithm for patients with endstage COPD

  2. Development and evaluation of different diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopic modalities

Selected Publications

  1. Gompelmann D, Herth FJF, Slebos DJ, Valipour A, Ernst A, Criner GJ, Eberhardt R. Pneumothorax following Endobronchial Valve Therapy and Impact on Clinical Outcomes in Severe Emphysema. Respiration 2014. 87:485-491.
  2. Gompelmann D, Eberhardt R, Slebos DJ, Brown MS, Abtin F, Kim HJ, Holmes-Higgin D, Radhakrishnan S, Hert FJF, Goldin J. Comparing the diagnostic performance of Chartis system and HRCT fissure analysis for planning Endoscopic Lung Volume Reduction. Respirology 2014. 19:524-530.

  3. Gompelmann D, Eberhardt R, Ernst A, Hopkins P, Egan J, Stanzel F, Valipour A, Wagner M, Witt C, Baker KM, Gotfried MH, Kesten S, Snell G, Herth FJ. The Localized Inflammatory Response to Bronchoscopic Thermal Vapor Ablation. Respiration 2013. 86:324-331.

  4. Gompelmann D, Heussel CP, Eberhardt R, Snell G, Hopkins P, Baker K, Witt C, Valipour A, Wagner M, Stanzel F, Egan J, Ernst A, Kesten S, Herth FJ. Efficacy of bronchoscopic thermal vapor ablation and lobar fissure completeness in patients with heterogeneous emphysema. Respiration 2012. 83:400-406.

  5. Gompelmann D, Eberhardt R, Michaud G, Ernst A, Herth FJ. Predicting atelectasis by assessment of collateral ventilation prior to endobronchial lung volume reduction: a feasibility study. Respiration 2010. 80:419-425.

  6. Eberhardt R, Gompelmann D, Schuhmann M, Heussel CP, Herth FJ. Complete unilateral vs partial bilateral endoscopic lung volume reduction in patients with bilateral lung emphysema. Chest 2012. 142:900-908.

  7. Herth FJ, Eberhardt R, Gompelmann D, Ficker JH, Wagner M, Ek L, Schmidt B, Slebos DJ. Radiological and clinical outcomes of using ChartisTM to plan endobronchial valve treatment. Eur Respir J 2013. 41:302-308.
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