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Institut für Public Health

HIPH Seminar Series

An internal forum where researchers from the Institute present
their work to each other.


Organiser:  Stefan Kohler


Where?      INF 365, room 007 (master course room)  

When?       Every third Wednesday of the month - 12:30 - 13:30 Uhr


DatePresenting Group              
18.01.2017EpidemiologyVolker Winkler & Simone KaucherAMOR Studies – Health of German Re-Settlers from the Former Soviet Union
15.02.2017Health EconomicsHoa NguyenUser fee removal policies for maternal care: value for money?
15.03.2017Climate ChangeRainer SauerbornFood insecurity and malnutrition in the age of climate change: links and interventions
19.04.2017Disease ControlFlorian NeuhannTb control Germany – example city of Cologne
17.05.2017Disease ControlOlaf MüllerNon-specific effects of childhood vaccinations
-new date-
EpidemiologyAmanda WendtDeveloping local, food-based complementary feeding recommendations using a linear programming approach: an Optifood experience
19.07.2017Health SystemsAlbrecht Jahn & Claudia BeiersmannProject „Health and Migration“
18.10.2017Global Health and HIV/AIDS
Stefan KohlerMaternal and child health care in Baden-Württemberg: Status and trends
15.11.2017Health Economics and Health Financing
Hoa NguyenImpact analysis of user fee reduction and removal in Burkina Faso
20.12.2017Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Volker Winkler & Yukio IwamotoMammography screening programs and their effect on breast cancer mortality on a population level
17.01.2018Climate Change and Health
Rainer SauerbornTBA
21.02.2018Disease Control in Disadvantaged PopulationsTBATBA
21.03.2018Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Sabine GabryschDoes facility delivery reduce maternal and perinatal mortality in Ghana?
18.04.2018Global Health Policies and Systems
16.05.2018Global Health and HIV/AIDS
20.06.2018Health Systems Research



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