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Heidelberger Institut für Global Health

Disease Control in Disadvantaged Populations

Hospital Partnerships

Cologne Heidelberg Lighthouse Partnership (CLIP)

Two components: 

  1. Training seminars in Advanced HIV Management
  2. Cohort study "Baseline Characteristics and outcome of patients initiating  Tenofovir-based first line ART at the Lighthouse (Initiates file downloadLighTen)" (major funding by Hector Stiftung, recipient Florian Neuhann)

 Poster: CLIP - Cologne Heidelberg Lighthouse Partnership

Initiates file downloadCLIP - Cologne Lighthouse Partnership



Malawi German Networking for Capacity Building in Treatment, Training and Research at Kamuzu Central Hospital (MAGNET)

Currently three subcomponents:

  1. Assessment and evaluation of Diabetes Care at KCH (doctoral candidate Opens window for sending emailAli Taha Yassin)
  2. Antibiotic stewardship Initiative co-funded by CDC Malawi
  3. E-learning as a tool for partial compensation for lack of clinical teachers (doctoral candidate Opens internal link in current windowSandra Barteit)

Poster: Hospital Partnership MAGNET

 Initiates file downloadHospital Partnership MAGNET

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