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How can sulforaphane been taken?

Broccoli seeds, which begin to germinate after 24 h in water

To our knowledge, Sulforaphane can’t be bought as a pure substance in a drug, but may be absorbed through the diet in therapeutically effective doses. Cruciferous plants contain Sulforaphane and similar effective mustard oils. They include broccoli and cauliflower as well as all other types of cabbage, e.g. sauerkraut, as well as watercress, nasturtium, arugula, radish, horseradish, rutabaga with turnip greens, rape, mustard and capers (see above).

Meanwhile many manufacturers make the broccoli seeds or freeze-dried broccoli sprouts available packed as a powder or in capsules. Please note that we do not test these products and therefore cannot give any information. In addition, as a university we are not allowed to advertise for a specific product. Please decide and compare yourself the prices and the ingredients.





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