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Lorenz Lehmann, M.D. ( lorenz.lehmann@med.uni-heidelberg.de

Dr. med. Markus Heckmann, M.D. ( markus.heckmann@med.uni-heidelberg.de)

Ajith Kantharajah, M.D. ( ajith.kantharajah@med.uni-heidelberg.de)

Dr. Mariya Kronlage, M.D. ( mariya.kronlage@med.uni-heidelberg.de)

Dr. Lisa Tilemann, M.D.  ( lisa.tilemann@med.uni-heidelberg.de)

Ines Ludwig (Study Nurse) ( ines.ludwig@med.uni-heidelberg.de



Cardio-Oncology Program

A major limitation for successful cancer therapies and a major factor of cancer related morbidity and mortality is the cardiac function. Moreover, cardiac disease and many cancer entities share common risk factors. However, knowledge about cardioprotective therapies, potential biomarkers and molecular mechanisms is limited.


The Cardio-Oncology program of the University Hospital of Heidelberg aims at investigating common risk factors for cardiotoxicity, molecular mechanisms and translational approaches.


We work together with specialists from the National Center for Tumor Disease, Heidelberg (NCT) to develop personalized strategies in case of potential cardiotoxic regimes.


For more information/appointments please call:

Tel.: 06221 - 56 8885


Physician Referrals:

Mon.-Wed., 8a.m. – 4p.m.


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For further information, please write an email to:



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Dr. med. Lorenz Lehmann

University Hospital Heidelberg

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Fax: +49 6221 56-5235

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