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Translational Lung Research Center Heidelberg

“Systems Biology” – A novel approach to The Lung Cancer Problem

LungSys II, a CancerSys network funded by the German Ministery of Education and Research (Opens external link in new windowBMBF), is a consortium that applies a systems biology approach to unravel mechanisms contributing to early metastatic spread in lung cancer. LungSys II is a highly interdisciplinary consortium with members from medical science, biochemistry, cell biology, medical imaging, chemistry, physics, mathematics and industry. Its mission is to identify and understand the regulation and interactions among the EGFR, HGFR, TGFbeta, IGF-1R and EpoR signaling pathways that lead to metastasis in the early stages of lung carcinoma and to drug resistance by mathematical modeling. Opens internal link in current windowProf. Ursula Klingmüller is the coordinator of LungSys II and the lead investigator for WP1 - Opens external link in new window"Signal Transduction and Migration in Lung Carcinoma Cell Lines".

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