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Medical Information Technology



Head:Michael Metzner, Dipl.-Inform. Med.
Software Engineers:                    

Eduard Frick
Jieli Li
Andreas Wirtherle



The Section Medical Information Technology forms the interface between biomedical issues and informatics and provides assistance in data transformation from electronic sources into readable and intelligible information for specialists (physicians, pharmacists, health personnel) as well as the transformation of specialist knowledge back into digital information.


Research Projects

Information needs at the point-of-care are continously growing as is the medical literature, the guidelines for specific circumstances, and the hectic pace in patient care. Therefore, books containing prescription information have lost their popularity as a primary source of information, also because they become outdated very quickly and are not adaptable to local circumstances, e.g. a given hospital formulary or knowledge bases. To overcome these problems and to support prescribers with up-to-date and ready-to-use information the Section has been developing a widely accessible, web-based, database-driven drug information system (AiDKlinik®) which is updated monthly, contains >200.000 brands and active ingredients of the German market, and includes a powerful error tolerant search engine. The system runs within our hospital (>5.500 clients) and also in over 70 other hospitals throughout Germany. It contains several knowledge bases (e.g. on dose adjustment in renal failure [see also Opens external link in new windowwww.dosing.de] or on drug-drug-interactions) and several decision support modules. It is integrated in i.s.h.med to support electronic drug prescription and drafting process of discharge letters.



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