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Prof. Dr. med. Michael Platten

Department of Neurooncology, Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg
INF 400
69120 Heidelberg

Fon: +49 6221 56-6804
Fax: +49 6221 56-7554
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Curriculum Vitae

2010 - presentFull Professor of Neurology, University of Heidelberg
2007 - presentVice Chair, Department of Neurooncology, University of Heidelberg
2007 - presentHead of the Helmholtz University Group Experimental Neuroimmunology, German Cancer Research Center
2006 - 2007Attending, Department of Neurology, University of Tübingen
2006Habilitation in Neurology, University of Tübingen
2006Board Certification in Neurology, University of Tübingen
1999 - 2006Residency in Neurology, University of Tübingen
2002 - 2004Postdoc, Department of Immunology, Stanford University, USA
1994 - 1997MD thesis, University of Bonn
1991 - 1998

Medical School, University of Bonn, University of London and Harvard Medical School

Awards and Appointments

2010Heinrich Pette Award of the German Neurological Society
2010W3 Professorship for Experimental Neuroimmunology, Medical Faculty, University of Heidelberg
2006Helmut Bauer Award for Multiple Sclerosis Research

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