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Zentrale Tel.: 06221-560

Molecular Biology / Biochemistry Lab



The Molecular Biology/Biochemistry Lab is specialised in investigations of

  • drug-drug interactions
  • factors influencing expression and activity of drug transporters and drug metabolising enzymes
  • the development of multidrug resistance
  • reasons for differences in sensitivities towards cytostatic drugs.  

We also support our clinical studies by genotyping of study participants and isolation of biomarkers. Particular emphasis is put on quality control (certified according to ISO 9001:2008) and adherence to standard operation procedures.





Prof. Johanna Weiß, PhD

Scientific staff:

Dirk Theile, PhD

Technical assistants:

Jutta Kocher
Corina Mueller
Stephanie Rosenzweig

Doctoral students:

Gzona Bajraktari
Tasmin Reuter



Isolation of biomarkers (e.g. PBMC isolations) for internal an externals partners.

Genotyping for the Clinical Research Unit and research projects:

  • CYP2C9 (*2,*3)
  • CYP2C19 (*2,*3,*4*17)
  • CYP3A5 rs776746
  • NAT2-Tag rs1495741
  • NOS3 (G894T, T-786C)
  • CYBA (p22phox) C242T
  • BKB2 T181C
  • ABCB1 (C3435T, G2677T)
  • ABCG2 rs2231142
  • SLC22A1 (rs12208357, rs72552763)
  • SLC22A2 rs3136019
  • SLC47A1 rs2289669
  • SLCO1B1 (rs2306283, rs4149056, rs4149032, rs11045819)
  • NR1I2 (rs1054190, rs1054191, rs1523127, rs2276707, rs2472677, rs3814055, rs6785049,  rs12721608)
  • EDN1 (rs5370, rs2071942)


Main Projects

  • Investigation of drug interactions at the level of drug transporters and drug metabolising enzymes

  • Impact of drug transporters and the pregnane X receptor for the development of multidrug-resistance in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC)

  • Modulation of the expression/activity of drug transporters by xenobiotics

  • Investigation of molecular mode of actions of Pt-containing drugs

  • Differences of cellular sensitivity towards bortezomib and carfilzomib (SFB/TRR79)  


Methods and Equipment


    • Cell culture

    • Isolation and fractionation of leukocytes

    • Assays for quantification of activity, inhibition and induction of drug transporters and drug metabolising enzymes (especially cytochrome P450 isoenzymes)  

    • Investigation of drug transport by cytometry  

    • Growth inhibition assays (proliferation assays)  

    • Cytotoxicity assays

    • Immunhistochemistry, immunofluorescence  

    • Western Blot, ELISA

    • Generation of liposomes

    • Cloning 

    • In vitro transcription

    • Knockdown and overexpression of genes

    • Reporter gene assays

    • Real-time RT-PCR: mRNA and miRNA quantification

    • Genotyping

    • Animal model for HNSCC (in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Christel Herold-Mende)


    • Cell culture

    • Bacteria culture

    • CASY (cell counting) 

    • Microplate photometer, fluorometer, and luminometer  

    • Gel electrophoresis  

    • Gel analyser  

    • Gradient thermal cycler  

    • LightCycler I und 480

    • Confocal laser-scanning microscope DM IRE 2



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