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Other bioactive substances against tumor stem cells

These foods contain proven substances against tumor stem cells.

Meanwhile we were able to prove that yet another substance from broccoli, the polyphenol quercetin, attacks pancreatic cancer stem cells and thus complements the effect of sulforaphane. Quercetin is found in many other fruits and vegetables, including citrus fruits, apples, onions, berries, parsley, sage, grapes, olive oil and in green and black tea. Likewise triptolide, a substance that is used in traditional Chinese medicine, could attack tumor stem cells. A joint mechanism across the sulforaphane, quercetin and triptolide to attack tumor stem cells is their anti-inflammatory action via the factor NF-kB. Aspirin works similarly, which was developed from the salicylic acid of the willow bark. Our recent research data show that aspirin actually attack very effective the tumor stem cells of pancreatic cancer. Research teams worldwide have now discovered that many more plants contain ingredients against tumor stem cells. So far, it is proved in legumes (genistein from soybeans), turmeric (curcumin, for example in curry), tomatoes (lycopene), grapes, berries, plums and peanuts (resveratrol, for example in red wine), black pepper (Piperine), green tea (EGCG), fish, egg yolk and cod-liver oil (vitamin D). For vitamin D it is important to note, that only 10 percent are absorbed through food and the remaining 90 percent are formed through the sunlight on the skin. Certainly there will be more nutritional contents with an effect against tumor stem cells be found in the near future, however, intensive research is still necessary.

In general: To receive a wide range of an active ingredient mixture against tumor stem cells, a balanced, most vegetarian diet with a high proportion of raw food, is important. Daily outdoor exercise for at least 30 minutes is important to store vitamin D, a healthy way to alleviate stress and ensure a good mood.

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