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Repräsentative Publikationen

  1. Prevalence of M4 macrophages within human coronary atherosclerotic plaques is associated with features of plaque instability. Erbel C, Wolf A, Lasitschka F, Linden F, Domschke G, Akhavanpoor M, Doesch AO, Katus HA, Gleissner CA. Int J Cardiol. 2015;186:219-25.

  2. CXCL4-induced plaque macrophages can be specifically identified by co-expression of MMP7+S100A8+ in vitro and in vivo. Erbel C, Tyka M, Helmes CM, Akhavanpoor M, Rupp G, Domschke G, Linden F, Wolf A, Doesch A, Lasitschka F, Katus HA, Gleissner CA. Innate Immun. 2015;21(3):255-65.

  3. Low levels of natural IgM antibodies against phosphorylcholine are independently associated with vascular remodeling in patients with coronary artery disease. Gleissner CA, Erbel C, Haeussler J, Akhavanpoor M, Domschke G, Linden F, Doesch AO, Conradson G, Buss SJ, Hofmann NP, Gitsioudis G, Katus HA, Korosoglou G. Clin Res Cardiol. 2015;104(1):13-22.

  4. IL-17A influences essential functions of the monocyte/macrophage lineage and is involved in advanced murine and human atherosclerosis. Erbel C, Akhavanpoor M, Okuyucu D, Wangler S, Dietz A, Zhao L, Stellos K, Little KM, Lasitschka F, Doesch A, Hakimi M, Dengler TJ, Giese T, Blessing E, Katus HA, Gleissner CA. J Immunol. 2014;193(9):4344-55.

  5. High-sensitive Troponin T measurements early after heart transplantation predict short- and long-term survival. Erbel C, Taskin R, Doesch A, Dengler TJ, Wangler S, Akhavanpoor M, Ruhparwar A, Giannitsis E, Katus HA, Gleissner CA. Transpl Int. 2013;26(3):267-72.
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