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Short Courses in International Health 

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The Short Courses in International Health are organised by the Institute of Public Health (formerly Department of Tropical Hygiene and Public Health) at Heidelberg University.


Most of the courses are organised as two weeks intensive courses, requiring full time attendance from Mondays to Fridays, 9am - 5pm. Most courses end on the last course day around lunch time.


In general, there will be class on Public Holidays. Exceptions may apply.




Target Group

Public health professionals, nurses, medical doctors, policy makers, health workers, social scientists, health managers, project managers & planners, health consultants, tropEd students, etc.



  • All courses are held in English. Fluency in English required 
  • First come, first serve
  • All courses are accredited advanced modules requiring some basic knowledge in the field of the course topic as aquired by the tropEd Core Module.
  • For some courses special prerequisites are of advantage; please see specific course details 
  • The courses require full time attendance, Mo-Fri


Course Fees

2 weeks courses: 

  • General admission € 1.500,- 
  • tropEd students € 1.000,-

1 week courses:    

  • General admission € 750,-
  • tropEd students € 500,-

A non-refundable registration fee of € 200 is included in the course fee. Unfortunately, the Institute cannot offer any scholarships.


If the participant withdraws from a course on a short notice, parts of to up to the whole course fee will be charged. Details on registration form and with invoice. 


The tuition fee covers coursework, printed materials and coffee breaks, but does not include accommodation, insurance, transportation or other personal living costs during the stay



Participants, who complete a course successfully, will receive a certificate of attendance by the University of Heidelberg.


tropEd students will receive in addition a grade report. Each short course will provide 2 to 4 ECTS towards their degree. 


Contact Registration 

Nandita Rothermund, M.A. 
Short Courses in International Health

Institute of Public Health, University of Heidelberg
Im Neuenheimer Feld 324, D-69120 Heidelberg

Fon: +49 - (0) 6221 - 56 46 48
Fax: +49 - (0) 6221 - 56 49 18


Teaching Coordinator
tropEd Coordinator

Dr. Pauline Grys

Institute of Public Health

Fon: +49 - (0) 6221 - 56 50 48


The Institute of Public Health

(formerly The Department of Tropical Hygiene and Public Health)

The Institute of Public Health is part of the Medical School/Medical Faculty,  which in turn is part of the University of Heidelberg.


Training and research activities currently feature work in the following areas: health economics and planning; sexual and reproductive health and clinical and experimental parasitology. 


The institute has been offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate training programmes in international public health, including a one year Master of Science course.


The institute is also equipped with a library.

Book lending is placed on the main floor, room 005.

Opening hours are: Monday-Thursday 14:00-16:00 p.m.

or with an appointment, to be arranged at: