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Side effects of broccoli sprouts

Crucifers plants produce sharp or bitter-tasting mustard oils to ward off pests. Therefore, it can be assumed that toxic effects occur at very high dosages. With normal consumption of cruciferous vegetables, no side effects have been observed so far. From livestock breeding, we know that rapeseed cake, which contains too many mustard oils, makes the cattle sick. Broccoli seeds or sprouts shouldn’t be overdosed when consumed. So far we only know that a daily intake of 90mg of sulforaphane over several weeks, had no side effects in patients. A relatively harmless side effect of cabbage and of broccoli sprout are flatulence, which can smell like sulfur, as this is part of the mustard oils.

Cruciferous vegetables contain a lot of fiber and therefore have a positive effect on digestion. In addition, sulforaphane act indirectly antioxidant. Known antioxidants are vitamins and currently it is discussed critically whether such substances weaken the effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. There is no clear data on this. In our in vivo studies we find no weakening, but rather a reinforcement of chemotherapy: different cytostatic eliminate tumor xenografts better is sulforaphane is given simultaneously.

These laboratory tests are promising, but cannot be transferred seamlessly to the situation of the patient – again lengthy and costly patient studies are required.


Broccoli cream soup with sour cream made ​​from fermented soya Soyananda - after cooking broccoli or broccoli sprout seeds can be scattered as an additional Sulforaphanquelle .
Cabbage cake with carraway seeds - eat to heated cabbage radish, arugula or cress so myrosinase is supplied. hrough this enzyme, the precursors of the mustard oils are converted into the active form. It is present in fresh cruciferous vegetables , but breaks down when heated . Most mustard oils are inactive precursor in vegetables
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