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What you should avoid

It is indicated that a high carbohydrate diet and red meat promote tumorgenesis and their progress.

Based on our own research data and recommendations from leading institutions for cancer, lifestyle and diet (e.g. Opens external link in new windowAICR) we recommend the following for prevention and to avoid progression of cancer:



-   Overweight, eating too much.

-   Sugar and white flour products, red meat and sausage.

-   Pollutants (e.g. alcohol, nicotine, to much coffee, salt, grilled, roasted, fried, corned beef, or highly heated food)

-   Environmental toxins (e.g. cosmetics, cleaning products, radiation, contaminated building materials in the home).

-   Negative stress, grief, concerns, discontent, and depression.


Eat daily:

-    Fruit that is not sweet, salad, raw vegetables, legumes (peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, soya), cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, arugula salad, cress, radishes, horseradish, rutabaga, turnip greens, canola e.g. as rapeseed oil, mustard…), onions, leeks, whole grains, pepper, paprika, tomato, turmeric. The vegetables should be cooked – best steamed or short crispy roasted, so the plant substances remain active.


Eat rarely or not at all:

Meat, sausage, cheese, milk products, sweet fruit, noodles, potatoes, white rice, white bread, cake and sweets.


If you loose much weight due to cancer, pay attention to an adequate calorie intake:

Very nutritious are nuts, avocado and healthy vegetables oils with a lot of omega 3 fatty acids (in particular fresh linseed-, walnut-, false flex- and rapeseed oil), cashew or almond butter are very tasty. You’ll get high quality and fresh oil from oil mills. Avoid calorie intake from sugar – also the fats should be mainly from herbal substances and unsaturated.


Answers to common questions:

Potato and rice starch split quickly into sugar by the body and let the blood sugar rise rapidly. The less potatoes are processed, the lower the glycemic index. In French Fries, chips and instant mashed potatoes the blood sugar rises faster then in boiled potatoes.

Sweet fruit is easily recognized on the sweet taste. Sweet fruits include, for example, bananas and ripe fruit – also sweet grapes.

More information can be found in the literature on low carb diets or by a nutritionist.


More tips can be found in our Initiates file downloadFlyer

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