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Head of the Metabolic Center Heidelberg

Prof. Dr. med., Prof. h.c. mult. (RCH) Georg Friedrich Hoffmann

Professor of Pediatrics
Chairman of the University Children‘s Hospital Heidelberg, Germany
Head of the National Committee for Newborn Screening
Head of Center for Rare Diseases, Medical Center University of Heidelberg

Accredited subspecialisations: Pediatrics, Pediatric Metabolic Medicine, Pediatric Neurology, Epileptology, Neonatology and Laboratory Medicine

Neurometabolic and neurogenetic diseases
Diagnosis, pathophysiology and treatment of metabolic diseases
Newborn screening in all facettes

Original peer-reviewed scientific contributions:

chapters and books: >330
abstracts: >500

Petra Panczyk
Fax: +49-(0)6221 56-4339

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Metabolic Center Heidelberg
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