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Bauernschmitt R, Schulz S, Schwarzhaupt A, Kiencke U, Vahl CF, Lange R, Hagl S (1999): 

Simulationof arterial hemodynamics after partial prosthetic repacement of the aorta. 

Ann Thorac Surg 67: 676-682



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Aortic input impedance and ventriculoarterial coupling following cardioversion/defibrillation. 

Pacing Clin Electrophysiol 22: 1047-53 



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Mathematical modelling of extracorporal circulation: simulation of different perfusion regiments. 

Perfusion 14:321-330 



Dengler TJ, Szabó G, Sido B, Nottmeyer W, Zimmermann R, Vahl CF, Hunig T, Meuer SC (1999): 

Prolonged allograft survival but no tolerance induction by modulating CD28 antibody JJ319 after high-responder rat heart transplantation. 

Transplantation 67: 392-398 



Dengler TJ, Zimmermann R, Meyer J, Sack FU, Girgsdies O, Kubler WE (1999) 

Vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis under therapeutic immunosuppression. Reduced efficacy in heart transplant recipients. 

Vaccine 17: 867-74 



De Simone R, Glombitza G, Vahl CF, Albers J, Meinzer HP, Hagl S (1999): 

Three-dimensional color-doppler: a new approach for quantitative assessment of mitral regurgitant jets. 

Am Soc Echocardiogr 12: 173-185 



De Simone R, Glombitza G, Vahl CF, Albers J, Meinzer HP, Hagl S (1999): 

Three-dimensional color-doppler for assessing mitral regurgitation during valvuloplasty. 

Eur J Cardio-Thoracic Surg 15: 127-133 



De Simone R, Glombitza G, Vahl CF, Albers J, Meinzer HP, Hagl S (1999): 

Three-dimensional color-doppler: a clinical study in patients with mitral regurgitation. 

J Am Coll Cardiol 33: 1646-1654 



De Simone R, Glombitza G, Vahl CF, Albers J, Meinzer HP, Hagl S (1999): 

Assessment of mitral regurgitant jets by three-dimensional color-doppler. 

Ann Thorac Surg 67: 494-499 



De Simone R, Glombitza G, Vahl CF, Meinzer HP, Hagl S (1999): 

A new diagnostic procedure for assessing intracardiac flow disturbances in patients with heart valve disease. 

Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 47: 369-375 



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Three-dimensional doppler techniques and clinical applications. 

Eur Heart J 20: 619-627 



De Simone R, Glombiza G, Vahl CF, Meinzer HP, Hagl S  (1999): 

Three-Dimensional Color Doppler, an Atlas of Intracardiac Imaging. 

CD und Buch: Futura Publishing Company - Armonk - New York 1999. ISBN 0-87993-429-8 



Glombitza G, De Simone R, Mende U, Merdes M, Krempien R, Zerfoski D, Vahl CF, Meinzer HP, Hagl S (1999): 

Neue klinische Anwendungen der dreidimensionalen Rekonstruktion in der echocardiographischen Diagnostik. 

Informatik Forsch Entw 14: 16-23 



Kranzhofer R, Schmidt J, Pfeiffer CA, Hagl S, Libby P, Kubler W (1999): 

Angiotensin induces inflammatory activation of human vascular smooth muscle cells. 

Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 19: 1623-9. 



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Actions of Ketamine and its isomers on contractility and calcium transients in human myocardium. 

Anesthesiology 90: 1363-1371 



Mehmanesh H, Bauernschmitt R, Hagl S, Lange R (1999): 

Adjustable atrial and ventricular temporary electrode for low-energy termination of tachyarrhythmias early after cardiac surgery. 

Pacing Clin Electrophysiol 22: 1802-7 



Mehmanesh H, Bauernschmitt R, Lange R, Hagl S (1999): 

[A new concept for treatment of supraventricular tachycardia after heart operations: low energy internal cardioversion using a temporary atrial electrode] 

Z Kardiol 88: 434-41 



Mehmanesh H, Mieck U, Bauernschmitt R, Hagl S, Lange R (1999): 

[Temporary adjustable defibrillator electrodes: an alternative method for the treatment of postoperative arrhythmias after heart surgery] 

Anasthesiol Intensivmed Notfallmed Schmerzther 34: 758-62 



Osswald, BR, Blackstone EH, Tochtermann U, Thomas G, Vahl CF, Hagl S (1999): 

The meaning of early mortality after CABG. 

Eur J Cardio-Thorac Surg 15: 401-407 



Osswald, BR, Tochtermann U, Thomas G, Vahl CF, Hagl S (1999): 

The influence of follow-up response on risk factor analysis. 

Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 47: 32-37 



Schäffer L, Rosenberg M, Bonz A, Vahl CF, Hagl S (1999): 

Kontraktionsverhalten und intrazelluläre Calciumtransienten bei ischämischer

Kardiomyopathie: der Einfluss der Vorlast, der Nachlast und der Frequenz. 

Z Herz-, Thorax- und Gefäßchirurgie 13: 255-266 



Schulz S, Bauernschmitt R, Schwarzhaupt A, Vahl CF, Kiencke U (1999): 

Nonlinear dynamic analysis of hemodynamic signals for indentifying transition between ventriculoarterial coupling states. 

IEEE Comp cardiol 26: 517-510 



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CATCH 22 syndrome: report of 7 infants with follow-up data and review of the recent advancements in the genetic knowledge of the locus 22q11. 

Pathologica 91: 166-72 Review 



Szabó G, Sebening C, Hackert T, Hoffmann L, Sonnenberg K, Hagl C, Tochtermann U, Vahl CF, Hagl S (1999): 

Influence of brain death and cardiac preservation on systolic and diastolic function and coronary circulation in the cross-circulated canine heart. 

World J Surg 23: 36-43 



Szabó G, Hackert T, Sebening C, Hagl C, Vahl CF, Hagl S (1999): 

Modulation of coronary perfusion pressure can reverse cardiac dysfunction after brain death. 

Ann Thorac Surg 67: 18-26 



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Surgical treatment of oligosymptomatic mitral valve incompetence? 

Eur J Cardio-Thorac Surg 16: 524-532 





Albers J, Schroeder A, Makabe M, Gaa J, De Simone R, Vahl CF, Hagl S (1998): 

Validierung digitaler Volumetrie und dreidimensionale Rekonstruktion kardialer magnetresonanz- und computertomographischer Bilddaten: Studie an explantierten Schweineherzen. 

Kardiovask Med 2: 79-87 



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Immunosuppressive effects of ursodeoxycholic acid in heart-allografted rats 

Transplant Proc. 1998 May; 30(3): 864-5 



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Rescue therapy with C1-esterase inhibitor concentrate after emergency coronary surgery for failed PTCA 

Intensive Care Med. 1998 Jun; 24(6): 635-8 



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Operation for infective endocarditis: results after implantation of mechanical valves 

Ann Thorac Surg. 1998 Feb; 65(2): 359-64 



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[Surgery of acute aortic valve endocarditis: prognosis in paravalvular abscess] 

Z Kardiol. 1998 Apr; 87(4): 276-82 



Bauernschmitt R, Schulz S, Hoffmann L, Schwarzhaupt A, Kiencke U, Vahl CF, Hagl S (1998): 

Mathematische Modellierung der Hämodynamik während extracorporaler Zirkulation 

Kardiotechnik 2: 39-43 



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Metabolic recovery of isolated adult rat cardiomyocytes after energy depletion: existance of an ATP-threshold. 

J Mol Cell Cardiol 30: 2111-2119 



Dengler TJ, Szabó G, Amann K, Nottmeyer W, Vahl CF, Hagl S, Zimmermann R (1998): 

Induction therapy with an immunomodulatory CD2 antibody does not inhibit allograft vasculopathy after rat heart transplantation 

Transplant Proc. 1998 May; 30(3): 868-70 



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Elevated serum concentrations of cardiac troponin T in acute allograft rejection

after human heart transplantation 

J Am Coll Cardiol. 1998 Aug; 32(2): 405-12 



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Three dimensional doppler for the assessment of mitral regurgitation. 

Computers in Cardiology 25: 617-620 



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Influence of Bretschneider's cardioplegia on norepinephrine release from isolated perfused guinea-pig hearts. 

J Mol Cell Cardiol 31: 89-99. 



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Interruption of bronchial circulation leads to a severe decrease in peribronchial oxygen

tension in standard lung transplantation technique 

Eur J Cardiothorac Surg. 1998 Feb; 13(2): 176-83 



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Temporary atrial electrode for the treatment of supraventricular tachycardia after cardiac operations 

Ann Thorac Surg. 1998 Mar; 65(3): 632-6 



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In vivo fluorescence microscopy for the assessment of microvascular perfusion injury of small bowel during cardio-pulmonary bypass. 

Proceedings of the 20th European Conference on Microcirculation , 131-136. Edt. Carpentier PH, Vicaut E and Guilmot JL 



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Primäre und sekundäre Tumoren des Herzens. 

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[Modeling of the baroreceptor reflex in a pulsatile model] 

Biomed Tech 43 Suppl: 310-1 



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L-arginine: effect on reperfusion injury after heart transplantation 

World J Surg. 1998 Aug; 22(8): 791-7; discussion 797-8 



Szabó G, Bahrle S, Fazekas L, MacDonald D, Stumpf N, Vahl CF, Hagl S (1998) 

Endothelin-A receptor antagonist BQ123 protects against myocardial and

endothelial reperfusion injury 

Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 46: 232-236 



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Effects of nitric oxide synthesis on reperfusion injury and catecholamine responsiveness in a heterotopic rat heart-transplantation model 

J Cardiovasc Pharmacol. 1998 Feb; 31(2): 221-30 



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Endothelin-A and -B antagonist protect myocardial and endothelial function

after ischemia/reperfusion in rat heart transplantation model 

Cardiovasc Res 39: 683-690 



Szabó G, Sebening C, Hackert T, Hagl C, Tochtermann U, Vahl CF, Hagl S (1998) 

Effects of brain death on myocardial function and ischemic tolerance of potential donor hearts. 

J Heart Lung Transplant 17: 921-930



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The role of coronary perfusion changes in cardiac dysfunction associated with brain death. 

Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 46: 339-43.



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Right ventricular function after brain death: response to an increased afterload 

Eur J Cardiothorac Surg. 1998 Apr; 13(4): 449-58; discussion 458-9 



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The effect of triiodothyronine on myocardial contractile performance after

epinephrine exposure: implications for donor heart managemant. 

J Heart Lung Transplant 17: 931-940 



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Circulating interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1RA) serum levels in patients undergoing orthotopic heart transplantation. 

Transpl Int 11:443-8. 



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Triiodothyronine reverses depressed contractile performance after exessive catecholamine stimulation. 

Ann Thorac Surg 66: 1618-1625



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Heterogenity of myocardial edema in isolated pig hearts after perfusion with different types of cardioprotective solutions. 

Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 46: 285-292



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Length dependence of calcium- and force-transients in normal and failing human myocardium 

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Freisetzung von Katecholaminen nach Exposition mit kadioplegischer Lösung:

Morphologische und biochemische Untersuchungen an rechtatrialem Myokardgewebe. 

Herz-, Thorax- und Gefäßchirurgie 12: 23-33 





Bauernschmitt R, Lange R, De Simone R, Hagl S (1997):

[Surgical treatment of acute endocarditis-

-which preoperative diagnosis does the surgeon need?] 

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Contractile behaviour and intracellular calcium during afterloaded contraction in mitral valve disease 

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Is the brain death related endocrine dysfunction an indication for hormonal substitution therapy in the early period ? 

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Dual effect of digitalis glycosides on norepinephrine release from human atrial tissue

and bovine adrenal chromaffin cells: differential dependence on [Na+]i and [Ca2+]i 

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Doubly angled pleural drain circumventing the transcostal route relieves pain after cardiac surgery 

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Surgical alternatives in pulmonary embolism. 

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Untersuchungen am linksventrikulären Myokard von Patienten mit Aortenklappenstenosen. 

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Differenzierte Qualitätssicherung in der Herzchirurgie 

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