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Psychosocial care under the conditions of the CORONA pandemic

Dear patients, dear relatives,

please inform yourself about the new visiting and accompanying rules, which will apply from October 19, 2020, directly on the Corona information site of the hospital.

At the Center for Psychosocial Medicine, we are pleased to be able to serve you largely in regular operation. Nevertheless, please also refer directly to the websites of our departments and institutes for information on existing changes.

The ZPM offers close-meshed psychosocial co-treatment for patients with COVID-19 at the University Hospital, and relatives are also welcome to receive on-site support.

For people who feel particularly psychologically stressed by the pandemic and need professional help quickly, we have set up a psychotherapeutic crisis intervention on the phone, with which we provide psychotherapeutic support for those affected in dealing with acute stressful situations. You can contact us directly via email.

The current Corona crisis is associated with many questions for all of us. Therefore, we have compiled some helpful hints and recommendations for dealing with these particular psychosocial stresses – especially domestic isolation and quarantine – for you: