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  1. Flyer with general tips for diet and lifestyle for prevention and prolonging life with cancer in German, English, Russian, Chinese and Arabic. These recommendations are originated by the world leading institutes for cancer research.
  2. Cancer Information Service of the German Cancer Research Center
    Cancer phone for patients and family members:
    Phone.: 0800 / 420 30 40 (8 bis 20 Uhr)
  3. German Cancer Aid e.V.
    The prevention booklets of the German Cancer Aid show ways, on how through a healthy lifestyle, cancer can be prevented and explain ways of early cancer diagnosis. You can order them for free:

    Prevention booklet of the German Cancer Aid „Vielseitig essen – gesund leben“

    The blue guide of the German Cancer Aid, informs in a understandable way about various cancers, their early detection, diagnosis and treatment as well as aftercare. In addition, cross-cutting issues are discussed, such as paths to social services and support for members. You can order the free template:

    Cancer guide “ nutrition in cancer”

    Telephone and advisory service of German Cancer Aid:
  4. The Society for Biological Cancer Defense is an independent, non-profit organization in support of cancer patients, their relatives and therapists. The goal is to promote an individual, human cancer therapy with special emphasis naturopathic methods. The website provides information on complementary cancer therapies. These are mostly used concomitantly with conventional medical therapies and in the long term aftercare.
  5. The goal of the European Academy of Naturopathy and Environmental Medicine is to promote research, teaching and treatment in naturopathy and alternative medicine. It offers the "Current Health News", a free and regularly published booklet with information on various cancers and treatment options.
  6. The House of Cancer Self Help with numerous links to self-help groups
    Tel. 0228 / 33 88 9 - 0