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Fertilized chicken eggs as animal replacement method for therapy studies with patient tumors


In order to develop an ethical, simple and inexpensive test method for CSC markers that does not require animal testing, we transplant tissue from freshly resected patients' tumors to fertilized chicken eggs, instead of using the classical method of transplantation into mice. By this way a copy of the patient's tumor develops, which can be used for treatment studies. Since avian embryos are not considered according to the German Animal Protection Law as animals, this method serves as an animal replacement model and replaced and reduces the number of experimental mice required. To confirm the experimental and clinical testing procedures of tumor copies on fertilized chicken eggs in regard to the suitability and reliability of the treatment predictions, we refine just the methodology and carry out initial therapy studies, whose results are correlated to those in mice and, ultimately, to therapy success in patients. Once we can be sure that fertilized chicken eggs are suitable as a model for prognosis, we can offer this system to the patient for testing the properties of individual tumors and its response to different treatment options.