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Nutritional study with broccoli sprouts to support the efficacy of conventional therapy of pancreatic cancer

To ensure that our research data is of benefit to patients, the European Pancreas Center of our hospital in cooperation with Prof. Schemmer and Mr. Lozanowski, are carrying out a two-arm prospective pilot study (POUDER Trial) on dietary supplementation with broccoli sprouts. Patients with advanced, inoperable pancreatic cancer receive palliative chemotherapy concomitant to daily 90 mg of sulforaphane in the form of freeze-dried broccoli seedling meal (400 mg), which is packaged in capsules. The effect of broccoli-containing capsules is compared to that of placebo capsules without any agent. The aim of this study is to test in the pilot phase, the feasibility of the administration of highly concentrated sulforaphane in capsule form. Forty patients with non-resectable pancreatic cancer who are treated in our clinic in Heidelberg may be included in the pilot phase in the study.