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 Herzlich Willkommen auf den Online-Seiten der Kinderchirurgie Heidelberg


Welcome to the paediatric surgery, Heidelberg university


Dear parents, patients and physicians,


I welcome you to the  paediatric surgery  department of the Heidelberg university. I am proud to follow and continue the tradition as head of the oldest academic paediatric surgery in Germany.

Our department provides consultation and comprehensive treatment for all kinds of pediatric surgical problems. We perform state-of-the-art minimally invasive and routine operations with specialist expertise in:


Neonatal surgery, including surgery on congenital malformations

Gastrointestinal minimally invasive surgery

Thoracic minimally invasive surgery, including pectus excavatum correction

Colo-anorectal surgery

Surgical Oncology

Treatment of destructive strawberry naevi (hemangiomas)

Trauma medicine

Surgical Intersex therapy


Don´t hesitate to contact me by mail (stefan.holland-cunz@med.uni-heidelberg.de) or call the secretary (00496221-566282) for appointments. Please contact our paediatric surgeon on duty  in case of emergency (06221-5636284) at any time.