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Section Of Experimental Radiology


Within the Division of Neuroradiology the Section of Experimental Radiology was established in February 2004. This section emanated from a study group of physicists, computer scientists and engineers, doing research and development in the Division of Neuroradiology since 1993. Head of the section is Prof. Dr. Sabine Heiland.

The main focus of research is to develop and apply quantitative and functional neuroradiological techniques. Since 1993 much developmental work was done on diffusion and perfusion MRI. These techniques have been integrated into routine MR protocols leading to advances in diagnostics of acute stroke and brain tumors. The advent of multislice CT enabled CT perfusion measurements, being another major research topic of the Section. Other areas of research are:


  • Diffusion-Tensor-Imaging to examine white matter diseases
  • Depiction of white matter tracts by using Fibertracking
  • MRS techniques to display metabolites and macromolecules
  • Development of sequences and paradigms for functional MRI
  • Examination on patient safety during MRI
  • 4D angiography