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SHOX2 and cardiac arrhythmia

SHOX and SHOX2 are highly homologous genes that belong to a small group of homeobox transcription factors with essential functions during early embryogenesis, especially in limb, heart and brain development. By  combining different animal models (transgenic and knock-out mice, frog, zebrafish and chick) as well as cell culture systems (mouse embryonic stem cells, primary chondrocytes and fibroblasts) we investigate the role of SHOX2 during different developmental processes.Insights from our work with the Shox2 knockout mouse model may contribute to the current understanding of cardiac arrhythmia.

In addition, we aim to identify and further characterise the SHOX2-dependent signalling cascades by using cellular, molecular and biochemical approaches. Based on the high homology to SHOX, we are particularly interested in similarities, interactions and redundant functions of the two transcription factors as well as differences driven by highly specific factors and regulatory mechanisms during early development.