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Apply for a doctoral contract

research tract Prof. Martin Schneider

After contacting the doctoral advisor and the supervisor, the following procedure applies to the application for a doctoral contract:

The following documents are then required (by email):

  • Admission for doctorate: please inquire at the doctoral office right at the beginning, since the issuance of the doctoral admission takes some time and there are only few dates for this per year
    Dr. med. (dent): doctoral office
    Dr. sc. hum.: doctoral office
  • Agreement on doctoral thesis (please note that the end date stated in the doctoral agreement will also be the end date of the contract. It is better to set the time frame more generously, so that later on, if possible, not so many extensions of the contract will have to be applied for).
  • Immunization certificates (please use document)
  • (Covid-19 vaccination certificate)
  • Current certificate of study
  • Residence permit (for doctoral candidates without German citizenship)



Employee badges/keycards (and thus access to the lab) and IT access will not be issued until the contract has been signed by all parties and entered into the system.

Applications IT: Daniela Waldon

Employee ID card/keycard: Mitarbeiterausweise.GB1(at)

Activation for laboratory/rooms: PD Dr. Nathalia Giese or Domenic Hartmann, only after internal security training (Dr. Miriam Schenk, Dr. sc. hum. Biljana Gigic or Victoria Damerell, PhD).

Registration for access to the research wing (S1 facility)

Lab coat: Marco Runge