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H.K. Seitz

S. Mueller


Molecular biology team: Clinical study team:

Vanessa Rausch, PhD

Julia Mutzek, study coordinator


Long term aims are:

  • to better understand underlying molecular mechanisms of liver diseases and alcohol-related diseases
  • to improve diagnosis and therapy of liver diseases


Actual translational research topics focus on

  • liver diseases
  • alcoholic liver disease
  • cancer (hepatocellular and colorectal cancer)
  • non-invasive diagnosis of liver fibrosis
  • fatty liver and steatohepatitis
  • iron overload disorders
  • liver stiffness


Actual basic research topics are related to

  • molecular mechanisms of oxidative stress
  • redox-regulation
  • detection of reactive oxygen species
  • novel models for oxidative stress and hypoxia
  • inflammation and iron homeastasis
  • mechanisms of alcohol-mediated cancerogenesis
  • biomechanics and extracellular matrix (fibrosis and cirrhosis)


Ongoing clinical studies include:

  1. Hepatoprotective effects of Nalmefene, DELIVER 
  2. Non-invasive diagnosis of liver steatosis by CAP
  3. Non-invasive diagnosis of liver cirrhosis
  4. Non-invasive diagnosis of liver iron overload by susceptometry
  5. alcohol and cancer (breast, colon cancer etc.)
  6. CALVADOS study. Hepatoprotective alcohol detoxification with chlormethiazole
  7. Genetic factors of alcoholic liver cirrhosis (international GWAS consortium on liver disease)