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TP4 Adaptive planning concepts for radiotherapy of lung carcinoma

The aim of this project is to treat lung tumors with scanned heavy ions.

Irradiation of lung tumors with standard fractionation regimens leads to a change in tumor characteristics in the course of the therapy that may negatively affect clinical tumor volume (CTV) coverage. In case of therapy with protons or ions the change in range of the particle beam has to be considered, since this has a major influence on dose deposition. Shifts in beam range due to CTV changes have to be taken considered in regard to tumor positioning and the related concept of safety margin as well as in regard to organs at risk.

In this project we perform further physical R&D work in irradiation of lung tumors with scanned ion beams. We focus on sensitivity analyses to quantify the impact imprecisions due to breathing variations. Based on these data we evaluate adaptive concepts for irradiation with gating and rescanning. This includes the development of a safety margin concept comprising systematical and stochastic errors of the treatment. The findings are translated into the clinics within the INKA trial

Selected publications

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