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Aligning Biobanking and DIC Efficiently

Project Management: Dr. Fleur Fritz-Kebede

Project partners:

  • Dr. Hannah Dawitz, BMBH BioMaterialBank Heidelberg
  • Prof. Hans-Ulrich Prokosch, Chair of Medical Informatics, Erlangen (overall project management)
  • Prof. Michael Hummel, Institute of Pathology - Molecular Diagnostics, Charité Berlin (overall project management)
  • MII Consortia

Sponsor: BMBF

Brief description: ABIDE MI is a collaborative project involving the majority of German university hospitals in the four consortia of the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII). The goal of the project, which started in May 2021, is for the data integration centers (DIZ) of the MII to be able to link patient data from routine care with data on biospecimens and make it usable for research. www.

Duration: 5/2021 - 10/2022

Institute staff: Erenik Krasniqi