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Explanatory Notes

There are eight statements for the advancement of study reporting:

  • Randomly assigned parallel group comparisons: CONSORT Statement
  • Systematic reviews: PRISMA Statement
  • Meta-analysis of observational studies: MOOSE Supplement
  • Observational studies: STROBE Statement
  • Diagnostic studies: STARD Statement
  • Prognostic studies: REMARK Statement
  • Homoepathic studies: REDHOT Supplement
  • Acupuncture studies: STRICT Statement

The most important recommendation for scientific publications: Revise guidelines to improve the quality of reports on randomised controlled trials
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Recommendation for a report on systematic reviews (including meta-analyses)


Recommendations for authors, reviewers, editors and readers of systematic reviews on observational studies, 1997.
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Recommendation for a complete and precise report on diagnostic studies. 2003


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