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Statistical Software


Which statistical software should be used for analyses?


The Department of Medical Biometry generally uses the statistical software system SAS for the analysis of clinical studies. The advantages of SAS are twofold: There is a huge variety of functions for data storage and for data analysis as well. A certain disadvantage may lie in the complex handling and readability of the software package. But by now, the handling has been made more convenient owing to the graphical user interface Enterprise Guide. In this regard, we want to refer to the respective introductory courses offered by the University Computing Centre.


Apart from SAS, the programmes SPSS and R are also used in applied research. R is a new, free and flexible software solution that also operates, as a matter of routine, without a graphical user interface. The Statistical Laboratory offers such a graphical user interface, but there are various other solutions (some of them recommendable). Since the market has grown to such a wide extent, please see Wikipedia for details. 


The University Computing Centre offers introductory courses and advisory services for data processing, Personal Computers and, especially, for SAS and SPSS. The software packages SAS, SPSS and STATA are available on local terminals there. You can also use SPSS at home by accessing the terminal server. Therefore, it is not mandatory for doctoral candidates and scientists to purchase an individual licence. If this is nevertheless essential, the best way to purchase a licence is via the University Computing Centre.


Our Institute possesses other software packages, which are more rarely used. Please contact one of our scientists to get information about the possibility of access. If you would like to use personal computers and other tools for statistical analyses at our Institute, you are requested to fill in and undersign two forms about the compliance of legal regulations regarding data and software protection.