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Patient-centric decision support

Optimal support of physicians in diagnosis and therapy through utilization of the most appropriate knowledge has been investigated for more than 40 years. While concentrating on automatic procedures to draw conclusions from clinical data in the early days, the topic is much broader now. It includes the identification, assessment, selection and presentation of information and sources. It has started to address the  patient as active user of such services. Regarding the demographic development and its incurred future shortage of physicians and the low barrier for patients to access information through the Internet or mobile networks active patient involvement gains further importance. Fostering an active patient role is a sub-discipline of medical informatics called Consumer Health Informatics. One of its major problems is the vast variation in quality of the sources found.

We also become more and more aware that decision-support systems are sociotechnical systems. Besides the pure functionality safe procedures and non-interfering  presentation of decision aids are of central importance. In this respect low-key sensor technology on the client or in his environment play an increasing role. Last but not least do we need an ethical assessment of the when and how to actively involve patients in their medical services and models of sustained delivery of Consumer Health Informatics services.

Research field Consumer Health Informatics

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