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Why technology transfer?

The goal of the technology transfer Heidelberg GmbH is an improved marketing and an efficient and faster application of scientific research results of the Medical Faculty and the University Hospital to the global market. 
If successful, everyone benefits: The inventors, the Faculty of Medicine, the University Hospital, the industry and last but not least patients and society.

Why Patenting?

For the

  • Protection of innovative ideas/inventions
  • Protection of investments in research and development
  • Basis for the development of new products
  • Exploitation of ideas

Patenting is an important prerequisite for the economic exploitation of research results, because it protects the patentee and the licensee against counterfeiting and thus assures investments and the technological leadership.

Why Technology Transfer?

The goal of technology transfer is to translate findings along the value chain, coming from basic and clinical research into a product or market-ready applications and make these available to the society and patients. In addition, long-term revenues can be generated and reinvested into research.

What are our Tasks?

We evaluate inventions coming from the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital. We coordinate patent applications resulting from such inventions and are also looking for industrial partners in order to enable the development of inventions into marketable products, processes and services.

Tasks include:

  • Identification, Evaluation and Commercialization of Research Results
  • Intellectual Property Protection of findings with an external Patent Lawyer
  • Licensing and Collaborations
  • Material Sales (MTAs)
  • Disclosure Agreements (CDAs)
  • Marketing
  • Spin-offs
  • Coaching and training

Implementation of Technology Transfer

The technology transfer heidelberg GmbH is the commercial arm of the Medical Faculty and University Hospital Heidelberg, your flexible and competent partner from the first idea to its realization (cooperation, licensing, spin-off and material sales).

Implementation work also includes:

  • Active Sourcing within the Medical Faculties and Clinics
  • Education of Faculty and other Staff on IP issues
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Market Potential and Value Assessment
  • Patent Protection
  • Negotiations and Commercialization

What is important for you as a researcher?

Patentable is only what is new, inventive and allows an industrial application. 


  • If you have new research results, which suggest i.e. an industrial application, you should contact us as soon as possible (abstracts, lectures, announcements on the homepage, etc. count as publications).
  • Patent filing can be done in parallel with the submission of a manuscript. With a patent application submission date (priority date), the invention is secured and can be published.