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Biophysics in Particle Therapy

Andrea Mairani, PD Dr. rer. nat.
Stewart ‘Mac’ Mein, MS
Benedikt Kopp, MSc
Hans Liew, MS
Judith Besuglow, BA
Friderike Faller, BA

Collaborating groups:
BioPT projects are in collaboration with the following groups:

BiPT Alumni:
Tsz Ching ‘Purple’ Fok, MS

Latest Updates:
FRoG is under installation at the Normandy Proton Therapy Center (Caen, FR)
FRoG has been installed at the Danish Center for Particle Therapy (DCPT, Aarhurs, DK)
Choi’s paper on biological dose calculation using FRoG at CNAO has been published (Cancers)
Mein’s paper on FRoG’s development and validation at HIT has been published (Scientific Reports)

Available thesis projects:

  1. Raster-Scanning Helium (4He) ion beam therapy: development and validation of novel treatment planning system for biophysical modeling and optimization in the clinic. Prerequisite: physics/medical physics background.
  2. Developmental support and clinical integration of the FRoG platform at the newly-opened Danish Centre for Particle Therapy (DCPT) in Aarhus, Denmark. The master thesis work will involve traveling to Denmark to acquire experimental data at DCPT in collaboration with the medical physics team, and benchmarking the FRoG system’s predictions against experimental data. Prerequisite: physics/medical physics background.
  3. Development and dosimetric validation of a fast Monte Carlo dose kernel for light and heavy ion beam therapy for clinical and research support at HIT in Heidelberg.  Prerequisite: a strong programming background (preferably C++, CUDA or C). 

For more information, contact PD Dr. rer nat Andrea Mairani via email with CV attached.