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Consultation hour for students with Prof. Kraeusslich


Wednesday, 9.00-10.00 a.m.

Please confirm an appointment before with Ms. Nierle (phone 56-5002)



Contact for students participating in heicumed virology courses:



Lab rotation

Applications for 4-8 week lab rotations in the Department of Infectious Diseases, Virology (i.e. in any of the research groups) should be sent by mail to martina.nierle@med.uni-heidelberg.de .

Please include information about your field of study, semester, attendance of lectures, seminars or courses relevant to Virology, and possible dates.

Major study programme 'Infectious diseases'

As of winter semester 2005 the faculty of Bio-Sciences of the University of Heidelberg has replaced the diploma study program 'Biology' by an internationally compatible Master study program. As part of this new program, enrolled students are given the opportunity to shape their particular interests and skills by focussing on particular topics in the course of a so-called Major.


The Major ‘Infectious Diseases’ addresses students who wish to put their main focus on a particularly relevant topic of Biomedical Sciences. In the context of this Major students will deepen their knowledge of the basics of molecular and cell biology and get to know specific aspects of the replication of infectious pathogens and their interaction with the respective host in the course of lectures, seminars and internships.


PDF file providing further details about the structure and organization of the Major ‘Infectious Diseases’



Doctoral study program

As of April 2005, enrollment in a structured Doctoral Study Program (HBIGS or Doctoral Study program of the Department) is mandatory for every student in the Department of Infectious Diseases who wants to receive the doctoral degree from the faculty of Biosciences (Dr. rer. nat., which is equivalent to PhD).



Please do not forget to register at the central registration office of the doctoral study program in the department ‘Molecular Virology’, Im Neuenheimer Feld 344, 1st floor, within the first six weeks after start of the doctoral study project.



General information on the program


Registration form


Credit points form