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Malaria research: Guizetti

the "Ganzetti" lab from left to right: Marie Jalovecka (guest scientist), Richard Thomson Luque (Postdoc), Vanessa Stürmer (HiWi), Marta Machado (PhD student), Wendy Straßburger, Caroline Simon (PhD student), Severina Klaus (PhD student), Katharina Quadt (Postdoc), Yannik Voß (PhD student), Nicolas Lichti (intern, alumnus), Markus Ganter (group leader), Alexander Penning (MSc student, alumnus), Julien Guizetti (group leader).

Group members:

Dr. Julien Guizetti (Group leader)

Anja Klemmer (PhD student)

Caroline Simon (PhD student)

Yannik Voß (PhD student)

We are always looking for motivated people to join our team!

We study the peculiar cell division mechanisms in Plasmodium blood stage parasites using advanced microscopy.

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Current projects of the Guizetti group

The Guizetti lab studies the unusual cell division mechanisms of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. Rapid mitotic divisions enable proliferation of the parasite in the human blood cells and contribute to disease severity. Even though mitosis in this parasite shows significant differences to what has been described in classical model organisms, it is poorly studied so far. We use super-resolution, electron, and live cell microscopy technologies combined with CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing to describe the dynamics and regulation of chromosomes, centromeres, and the nuclear envelope during division. Thereby we hope to uncover new targets within this essential pathway and contribute to the fight against malaria.

News - Guizetti group

Malaria 8: Guizetti


Dr. Julien Guizetti (Gruppenleiter)


Caroline Simon (Doktorandin)


Yannik Voß  (Doktorand)


Ann-Kathrin Mehnert (MSc-Studentin)








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