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DTG-Certified Travel Medicine Course for Physicians

In light of the increasing demand for travel medicine consultation and the standards of academic institutions, we have reorganised our range of tasks regarding preventive healthcare for travellers. This has been prompted by three factors:

- The few tropical medicine institutions in Germany are not able to cover the increasing need for consultation of travellers to the tropics and subtropics.

- From a public health perspective, such preventive services must be covered by the primary care sector to the greatest extent possible in order to be effective over a wide area.

- In view of this conclusion and with the aim to achieve national standardisation in travel medicine consultation (malaria prophylaxis, vaccinations), the German Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health (DTG, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Tropenmedizin und Internationale Gesundheit) has developed a curriculum for certified training (Prof. Dr. T. Junghanss as a member of the DTG board has been actively involved in the design). The course consists of a basic module (four days) and a one-day refresher module.

The Section Clinical Tropical Medicine was one of the first German tropical medicine institutions to offer this certified training, with a course manual created specifically for this purpose. Since then, we have trained more than 400 colleagues in the region.

For improved prevention of diseases acquired abroad by travellers – again, to communicate specialist knowledge to the widest possible range of colleagues in the primary care sector in terms of sustainable public health – we have been organising half-day training sessions for some years now in Heidelberg with 300–500 participants each.


The next refresher course (held in German) takes place in Karlsruhe on 18 November 2017.