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Foreign Visiting Physicians

Minimum requirements for foreign residents in Cardiology:

  1. At minimum 2 years of medical practice in your home country after completion of medical school
  2. Complete application (including CV &licence to practise medicine)
  3. You should be able to cover costs for housing and living expenses. Therefore, you need to apply for a grant/sponsoring from your home country. This grant should be confirmed by the DAAD (http://www.daad.org/)
  4. Therefore you will have to pass a German test that is accepted by the Goethe Institute (minimum Level B.2)
  5. Moreover you should comply to official regulations (health care coverage, visa and professional license). In this matter you might contact the German Embassy in your home country
  6. Working permission. For this you can directly address MrsHolzwarth at the Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart, Ruppmannstr. 21, 70565 Stuttgart, Germany; Tel +49 711 904 3237; email: abteilung2@rps.bwl.de
  7. Positive job interview

These are the minimum requirements. If you fulfill these requirements and submit a complete application, we will review your documents and decide if you are eligible for a job interview. If you don´t fulfill these criteria we will not consider your application.

Curriculum for Further Training in Cardiology

Qualification year 1Cardiology outpatient clinics including:
  • Heart failureoutpatient clinics
  • Electrophysiology outpatient clinics
Qualification year 2Cardiology ward
Qualification year 3Cardiology ICU & CCU
Qualification year 4Echocardiography
Qualification year 5Cardiac Catheterizationlaboratory, pacemaker OR
Qualification year 6

Voluntary / Free Rotation



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