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Here is a short summary about our main research tools and strategies. Please also refer to our recent publications to get insights into our methodological spectrum and expertise:


Functional Genomics

The zenbrafish larvae is a model of cardiac function and development. We carefully study selected disease gene candidates of human cardiomyopathy in this model and derive new clues on the function of the gene and the pathways involved. > mehr



Next-Generation Genetic Testing

We were the first German Cardiology that established a own sequencing unit based on second generation sequencers. By now, we have sequenced more than 3000 individual patient samples on the genomic level. Our portfolio also includes bioinformatics and systems biology methods to analyze the high-throughput data in the Heidelberger Cardiac Sequencing Unit. > mehr




Biomarker development

Based on nucleic acids, we are working on preanalytics, analytics and marker panels for detecting cardiovascular disease early and specifically. Based on microRNAs, we patented several biomarker panels and codeveloped two clinical assay formats. Only recently, we embark on the power of DNA methylation biomarkers for cardiomyopathy and heart failure.