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Drug Utilisation and Drug Safety
Support for the medical staff with particular regard to the implementation of an individualised, effective, and safe pharmacotherapy realized by providing specialized drug information service and by ward round participation.


Analytical Chemistry Lab: Development and application of ultrasensitive reference methods for the quantification of endogenous compounds, drugs, and their metabolites in human and animal samples of any biological matrix.


Molecular Biology / Biochemistry Lab: Genotyping and isolation of biomarkers in clinical studies, in vitro investigations of pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions, mechanisms of multidrug-resistance.


Medical Information Technology: Translation of medical information into electronic knowledge bases, operation and development of electronic drug information systems for the provision of tailored information to promote the individualization of drug prescription and application.


Clinical Research Unit: A GCP unit dedicated to early phase drug trials, providing full support during Phase 0, I, and II studies and responsible for a network for first-in-human studies with healthy participants and patients (FIM Heidelberg). 


Cooperation Unit Clinical Pharmacy: Unit bridging medicine and pharmacy in patient care, research, and teaching by analysing processes critically affecting the efficacy and safety of drug therapies and by developing, implementing, and assessing strategies for personalised medicine.


Pharmacoepidemiology: Unit assessing safe drug prescription in large prescription databases and prospective cohort studies and developing interventions for improvement.