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Psychotherapy research

Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs)

  • Systemic Therapy and Cognitive Behaviroal Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorders in Adults (SOPHO-ST/CBT)
  • Family Constellations in Adults (FCS)

Parallelized Control Studies

  • Social Networks of Patients in Psychotherapy and Healthy Controls (BezDiag-PT, BezDiag-G)

Competence and Adherence of Psychotherapists

  • Assessment of Competence in Systemic Therapists
  • Systemic Therapy Adherence Scale (STAS)

Lanuage and Subjective Experience in Psychotherapy

  • Text-based Analyses of Psychotherapeutic Processes in Patient-Therapist-Interaction (LIWC-PT)
  • Patients' and Therapists' perspective on their Experience in Systemic Psychotherapy

Generic Change Indicators in Psychotherapies

  • Assessment of Change using Generic Change Indicators in Psychotherapies („generic change indicators“, GCIs)

Methods: Systemic Functioning

  • Experience in Social Systems Questionnaire (EXIS) - Patients and Therapists
  • Burden Assessment Scale (BAS) - Significant Others
  • Evaluation of Social System Scale (EVOS)





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