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Planned projects

  • Positive Adjustment Coping Intervention (PACI) in Case of Involuntary Childlessness - a Smartphone-supported Intervention Study as RCT
  • Screening of psychological vulnerability under hormonal fluctuations
  • Menstrual cycle related dependency of cognitive processes
  • Psychological aspects of uterus transplantation to fulfill genetic motherhood with uterine factor infertility (UterusTx)
  • Evaluation of different effects of psychosocial intervention modules in a group therapy setting for infertile women and men in Chile and Germany (Cooperation research project Santiago/Chile and Heidelberg/Germany)
  • Fertility and sexuality knowledge in couples seeking fertility treatment (Cooperation research project Porto/Portugal and Heidelberg/Germany)

Gynecological psychology

Project team "Gynecological Psychology"
(f. l. t. r.: Maren Schick, Sophie Schweizer, Tewes Wischmann, Beate Ditzen, Katja Schmalenberger; not shown: Réka Sexty, Anna-Lena Zietlow)


Project overview (here as a PDF):

Additional projects (currently under analysis):

  • Quality of life and dyadic coping in involuntary childless couples
  • Fertility-specific quality of life and gender role experience in involuntary childless men
  • Evaluation of information material for endometriosis patients and their romantic partners and their shared experience of endometriosis
  • Attitudes towards “Social Freezing”- an online survey