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Doctoral Student, Researcher

Raissa Sorgho has been affiliated with the University of Heidelberg institute of Global Health since 2014. She holds a Bachelor of Science in biology, a Master of Science in International Health, and is currently pursuing her doctorate in Global Health. Her current fields of interest are climate change (mitigation and adaptation), policy (drafting and implementation), nutrition, and agriculture.

Her work in research has ranged from collaborations with the Deutsches Zentrum für Infektionsforschung (Project DZIF) examining hepatitis B, and unknown child fevers in rural Burkina Faso, through the analysis of households preferences for the reduction of greenhouse gas emission with five partner institutions in the European high-income countries of Germany, Sweden, France and, Norway (Project H.O.P.E).



University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany
Institute of Global Health Doctoral Program (Dr.sc. hum. candidate)

September 2017      

University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany
Master of Science in International Health

May 2014 Bucknell University, Pennsylvania, USA
Bachelor of Science in Biology & Sociology of Health
August 2012 L’Université François-Rabelais, Tours, France
Human Physiology and Nutrition (French Curriculum)


Sorgho R, Jonas F, Simboro S, Barteit S, Sauerborn R. (2018) Utilizing remote sensing at a subsistence farming level to explore child undernutrition in the context of climate change. In: Kallel A., Ksibi M., Ben Dhia H., Khélifi N. (eds) Recent Advances in Environmental Science from the Euro-Mediterranean and Surrounding Regions. EMCEI 2017. Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation (IEREK Interdisciplinary Series for Sustainable Development). Springer, Cham

Sorgho R, Franke J, Simboro S, Barteit S, Phalkey R, Sauerborn R (2017) Linking Weather Data, Satellite Imagery and Field Observations to Household Food Production and Child under Nutrition: An Exploratory Study from a Subsistence Farming Village in Burkina Faso. Universal J Public Hlth 5(5): 256-270

Sorgho R, Franke J, Simboro S, Phalkey R, Sauerborn R (2016) NUTRition and CLIMate (NUTRICLIM): investigating the relationship between climate variables and childhood malnutrition through agriculture, an exploratory study in Burkina Faso. Public Health Reviews. Special Edition "Climate Change and Health". Pro-cedings from the COP21 Side Event "Healthy Lives on a Healthy Planet": 51-56.

Presentation Invitations

November 2017: Springer Nature: Euro-Med Conference for Environmental Integration – Souse Tunisia                              

October 2017: 4th World Conference on Climate Change – Rome Italy

June 2017: 11th European Nutrition and Dietetics Conference – Madrid Spain                                                                                                             

September 2016: International Society of for Environmental Epidemiology – Rome Italy                                                        

December 2015: COP21 United Nations Conference Site Event: Our Planet Our Health – Paris France                                  

November 2015: World Health Summit 2015: Climate and Health Plenary Session – Berlin Germany                                    

September 2015: DAAD Franco-German Research: Challenges of Field Research – Paris France                                           

July 2015: Center for Health Research: 15th Anniversary of Research Center - Kossi Burkina Faso


DAAD German Academic Exchange Service : Research Grant Scholarship (2019)

Stiftung Fiat Panis GRANT : Doctoral Research Financing (2018)

Ruprecht-Karls-Universitat-Heidelberg MScIH Best Thesis Award (2017)

DAAD Grant "Dialogue Franco-Allemand Entre Chercheurs" (2015)

Posse Foundation Full Tuition Leadership Scholarship (2010 – 2014)

Virginia School League of Academic Excellence Award (2008 – 2009)