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MScIH Core Course

The core course has a strong methodological focus and provides students with a solid foundation in International Health. It runs over a period of 14 weeks from September to December every year.

Units of Study - Foundations in International Health

Both full-time and part-time students must complete all of the following units of study as part of their core course.

  1. Creating a Learning Community
  2. Introduction to International Health and Health Systems
  3. Determinants of Health
  4. Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods in International Health
  5. Health Policy and Evaluation
  6. Health Planning and Management

For more detailed information about the contents and learning objectives of each unit of study, please refer to the Module Handbook.

Teaching and Learning Methods

What our students say:

“The program and the way it was taught to us was phenomenal. The lectures and the study environment were tailored to suit each and every single student's needs and expectations. We had Professors from all over the world and from prestigious organizations like the United Nations, European Commission, GIZ etc. The Professors were all very approachable and ensured the best possible quality of education.”

Ankita Ansruti from India, MScIH graduate from 2014.