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RUNZ lab - Heiko Runz

Heiko Runz, M.D.

Specialist in medical genetics (board certified)

Group leader, Institute of Human Genetics Heidelberg

Group leader, Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit (MMPU)






Heiko Runz, M.D.

University of Heidelberg

Institute of Human Genetics

Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit (MMPU)

INF 366

69120 Heidelberg


+49-(0)6221-565062 (phone)

Heiko.Runz@med.uni-heidelberg.de (email)


RUNZ lab - Institute of Human Genetics Heidelberg 

MMPU-team cholesterol regulation - Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit (University of Heidelberg/EMBL) 

Research Aims:

  • To better understand the complexity of human genetic disease by extracting functional information from genomic data.
  • To translate this knowledge into improved diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Professional background:

Following his medical studies (in Heidelberg, Boston and Strasbourg) supported by the German excellence student initiative (Deutsche Studienstiftung) and a summa cum laude thesis in molecular genetics, Heiko received two years of postdoctoral training in cell biology/biophysics at EMBL. He then took up clinical training in medical genetics at Heidelberg University, where from  2005-2009 he performed clinical and laboratory genetic evaluations for the whole spectrum of genetic diseases (with a focus on neurometabolic disorders and genetic syndromes). This was followed from 2009-2011 by clinical training in pediatric metabolic disease at Mainz University (with a focus on gene therapy approaches in patients with lysosomal storage disorders). Since 2011, he is board certified as a medical geneticist. 

In parallel  to his clinical formation Heiko was appointed (in 2007) group leader at the Institute of Human Genetics Heidelberg. Since 2008 he also heads (together with Rainer Pepperkok) the team "Cell biology and disorders of cholesterol metabolism" within the Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit (MMPU), a joint initiative of Heidelberg university clinics and EMBL.

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