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Main Research

Our group is focusing on immunotherapy of solid tumors and therefore distributed over the Department of Medical Oncology, the National Center for Tumor Diseases, the BIOQUANT and the Institute of Immunology in Heidelberg, Germany.

The main interest is in tissue processing workflows and technologies using whole slide image processing/quantification coupled with multiplex protein quantification to address basic scientific questions. These workflows and technologies are being applied in translational projects with implementation in clinical trials. A highly multi-disciplinary team of medical oncologists, biologists, physicists, computer scientists is working on the generation of novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Technological developments range from high-throughput immunological tissue analytics and bioinformatical approaches to analyze complex data sets to the successful conduct of early phase clinical trials. An immunological focus is especially on the innate immune system and how to harness its powers against cancer. Fully human model systems have been pioneered in this lab and offer new avenues in immunotherapy development. Bridging effectively the gap from bench to patients by seamlessly integrating these different fields for rapid clinical developments is a clear goal in these efforts. Within the Institute of Immunology the overlapping interests lie in the scientific area of inflammation (Prof. Meuer, Dr. Schröder-Braunstein) and T-cell activation (Prof. Samstag).

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