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Perinatology - Appointments for Obstetrics Outpatient Clinic and Prenatal Diagnostics

Tel. +49(0)6221-56-7896

Delivery Room

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Dear parents and visitors to our website,


Obstetrics play a central role at our clinic. More than 1600 babies are born here every year – more than in any other Heidelberg hospital. The combination of maximum medical safety (an obstetric anesthetist and specially trained pediatricians are on hand 24/7) and individual personal care is convincing ever more women to give birth at our clinic.


By virtue of its cooperation with the Neonatal Department at the Heidelberg Children’s Hospital, our University Women’s Hospital is classified as a Perinatal Center, which means that even high-risk pregnancies and births are in the best hands with us.


On behalf of all the personnel in the Obstetrics Department, we remain,

Yours faithfully,



Prof. Dr. med. Prof. h.c. Christof Sohn                Dr . Bettina Schlehe (Senior Physician)





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