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Refractive Surgery

Welcome to the team of Refractive Surgery at the Department of Ophthalmology at Heidelberg University Hospital


Seeing without glasses?!

Traditionally, glasses or contact lenses help achieving good visual acuity.  However, wearing glasses or contacts can cause problems.  Glasses can be cumbersome in daily work life, leisure time and sports.  Irritation from wearing contact lenses, as well as lens cleaning agents that cause allergies, can render wearing contacts impossible.  Cosmetic or psychological aspects of wearing glasses may compromise your well-being.


Often laser or microsurgical treatment allows for an adequate solution. On the following pages we want to give you an overview of the various forms of Opens internal link in current windowvisual defects, the correction and Opens internal link in current windowprocedure with appropriate Opens internal link in current windowrefractive correction methods, as well as provide you important information to find the right decision for having a surgery.

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April 09th 2019

start 6:00 p.m.
Head Hospital, floor 00, seminar room 1,
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