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Pädiatrische Onkologie, Hämatologie und Immunologie

Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology

We are proud to offer optimal treatment and follow-up care to children and adolescents with cancer and blood disorders. Headed by Prof. A. Kulozik, our unit is one of the largest institutions of its kind in Germany. We are able to offer all therapeutic options of our medical specialty and have treated more than 2000 children with malignant diseases in the past years. Treatment options include drug regimens, stem cell and bone marrow transplantation, highly effective Radiotherapy and specialized Pediatric surgery.


Transplantations of bone marrow or blood stem cells are performed in close cooperation with the Department of Internal Medicine. Heidelberg doctors have been transplanting bone marrow for more than 25 years; this means that our patients benefit from a wealth of experience that is equaled by few other hospitals around the world.


The special tests required for diagnosis and treatment are performed by experienced staff members of the  Hematology and Molecular Genetics Laboratory, which is accredited by the German national accreditation body DAKKS.


Another focus area of our unit is the treatment of children and adolescents with benign blood disorders. These include anemias, clotting disorders and immunodeficiencies.


Our regional, national and international patients are cared for by a specially trained team of experts. In order to live up to our standard of holistic patient care, this team includes not just doctors and pediatric nurses, but also social workers, educators, and sports and music therapists. A specially trained nurse is available to care for patients in their homes. As part of our comprehensive service, we have established the  Kinderplanet childcare facility, where healthy siblings of our patients can play, learn and make new friends under the supervision of professional educators. The award-winning onkokids web portal developed at our hospital allows our inpatients to keep in touch with their families, friends and schools.

With our active involvement in a nationwide and international network of pediatric hospitals, we ensure that our patients receive the best possible treatment available. In addition, we have access to the heavy ion and proton therapy facility of the Heidelberg Ion-Beam Therapy Center (HIT), the only one of its kind in Germany. Thanks to our excellent connections to the departments of Pediatric Radiology, Pediatric Surgery, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Radiotherapy, and Pediatric Urology as well as the other units and departments of the university hospital, our patients benefit from the full range of medical expertise and treatment options available in Heidelberg. Naturally, we also cooperate closely with regional pediatric hospitals and medical practitioners and maintain good contacts to schools, apprenticing companies and health insurance providers.



Durch unsere aktive Beteiligung an einem deutschlandweiten und internationalen Netzwerk von Kinderkliniken ist gewährleistet, dass bei allen Patienten die bestmögliche Behandlungsstrategie verfolgt wird. Außerdem können wir auf die in Deutschland einmalige Behandlungseinrichtung der Schwerionen- und Protonentherapie des Heidelberger Ionenstrahl-Therapiezentrum (HIT) zugreifen. Durch die gut vernetzte Struktur zum KinderHIT,  zur Kinderradiologie, Kinderchirurgie, Orthopädie, Neurochirurgie, Strahlentherapie, Kinderurologie und den anderen Abteilungen des Klinikums und unserer Klinik können alle Möglichkeiten vor Ort genutzt werden. Eine gute Kooperation mit den Kinderkliniken der Region und niedergelassenen Kollegen ist für uns selbstverständlich, genauso wie Kontakte zu den Schulen, Ausbildungsbetrieben, Krankenkassen, sowie die enge Verzahnung von Wissenschaft und klinischer Anwendung, wie sie im KiTZ (Hopp-Kindertumorzentrum Heidelberg) stattfindet.