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New laser surgery procedure for non-cancerous prostate enlargement

Gentle treatment with greenlight-laser


Since Janurary 2005 the Department of Urology operates a greenlight laser for minimal invasive treatment of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). Significant advantage of the virtually bloodless procedure is a minimal hospital stay of about 24 hours. Patients integrated into a regular health insurance plan are not required to carry any extra costs.


Most patients BPH undergo usually a therapeutic algorithm. First stage is oral medication, like selective alpha blockers and/or 5-alpha-reductase-inhibitors. Persistence or worsening of symptoms is then met in a second stage by invasive treatment like TUNA (Trans Urethral Needle Ablation) or TUR-P (Transurethral Resection of the Prostate). Although TUR-P has been the gold-standard for decades, a number of patients hesitate to undergo this procedure. Related reasons are for example the fear of blood loss and an extended hospital stay.


The greenlight laser system utilizes a high power KTP (potassium titanyl phosphate) or “green