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The department currently has 65 beds available, where


Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit (Unit 12 HIS)

Intensive care and monitoring is supervised and managed by physicians of the Cardiac Surgery Department. The close connection between intensive care medicine and surgery is of significant importance for the quality of our work:



Medical knowledge today allows for the treatment of complex diseases by means of sophisticated surgery techniques. This leads to the requirement that physicians of a cardiac surgery intensive care unit must be able to treat arrhythmias, cardiac ischemia and other causes for pumping failures in addition to the well-known medical conditions in intensive care. Here, cardiac surgeons trained in intensive care medicine can offer optimum competence.


An operation is only successful, if adequate post-operative care is provided in the intensive care and normal care units. At our clinic, the cardiac surgery team takes responsibility for a positive recovery not only in the operating theatre but also in the intensive care and normal care units. In every step, your care lies in the same competent hands.


From our point of view, the consistent care for the patient by the cardiac surgery team during his or her entire stay at our clinic is an essential element with regard to a dynamic learning and development process with the purpose of improving the quality of medical results. Based on this organizational structure, we can use and monitor all state-of-the-art methods and techniques of intensive care medicine including all established organ support systems in a competent manner any time.


All patients needing post-operative intensive care or monitoring are transferred to our Intensive Care Unit directly after surgery. The unit contains rooms with two or four beds equipped with sinks, cupboards for clothes and care articles, a roller table with medication and an intercom system. All rooms have daylight and are connected to the adjacent rooms by windows. Every bed has a patient monitoring system that can be called centrally or decentrally. By means of monitors in the patient rooms and the nurse station, optimal monitoring by our heart team is guaranteed 24 hours a day.


Telefon: +49 (0) 6221/566512


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Intermediate Care Unit (Unit 7b)

This unit represents a powerful element between the Intensive Care and the Normal Care Units. Monitoring is provided almost to the same degree as in the Intensive Care Unit. Each bed has a CPAP device for carrying out intensive post-operative breathing therapy. In addition, each bed is equipped with a patient monitoring system that can be called centrally and decentrally.


Unit 7b has two- and four-bedded rooms equipped with a sink area and toilet; a shower is available in the unit bathroom. The rooms contain cupboards where the patients can keep their personal articles. Working material and medication are stored in special rolling tables.


Telefon: +49 (0) 6221/566489


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Normal Care Units (Unit 7a, Unit 1 and 5b)

The Normal Care Units take care of patients who do not require intensive monitoring. This particularly applies to patients who are admitted to our clinic for a scheduled operation or patients who are transferred from the Intermediate Care Unit to the Normal Care Unit after successful treatment. A device for monitoring the cardiovascular function is available for each patient.


The units have two- and four-bedded rooms equipped with a shower.



Unit 1:   06221/566456

Unit 5b: 06221/567646

Unit 7a: 06221/566486



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